Top Computer Science Fields that pays you a lot, 2020

5 Top Computer Science Fields that pays you a lot, 2020.

Computer Science Fields that pay you a lot, As everybody knows computer science is the most booming career these days and it gonna stay for a very very long time. Computer science might sound like a single field career but you should know that there is a list of fields inside computer science with a lot of job opportunities around the globe and they also pay a lot. So we will jump right into the list of the most paying jobs of 2020 without wasting any of your time.

Digital Marketing Manager

There are more numbers of people on the Internet than there are in the cars on the road. So advertising digitally in this digital world is the basic need of every business and service provider even if you are selling something on the corner of the street and you want people to know about your service/product you need market through the Internet.

Digital marketing managers’ duty is responsible for, implementing and managing marketing campaigns and ads. He plays a part in promoting a company service or product and enhancing a brand, developing brand community, brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, bringing new clients and leads. Salary of digital marketing managers gets paid around $73,000 USD annually although some companies pay more too according to your experience and results.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

As you already know about the addiction of phone usage around the globe, people are obsessed with their smartphones more than anything else.

So mobile applications are one way to capture people’s attention and target them for their service and business. It is explained by its name that what mobile application developers do.

They developed every kind of mobile applications. The average salary of mobile application developers is around $77,403 USD. All you need to apply fo this job is a strong knowledge of programming language and a platform for using and some experience is a must because there is a tough competition for this job around the globe.

Ethical Hacker

One of the most honored and also one of the highest paying jobs in the computer science field is Ethical Hacking. Their duty is to keep the companies data and every information safe from unethical/malicious hackers or virus attacks and they also identify flaws and vulnerabilities in security and network of organizations.

 An experienced ethical hacker earns between $85,000 USD to $145,000 USD annually. You need to be highly proficient in computer networking and you should also have an official professionally accepted certification from cisco or red hat etc.

Ethical Hacking
Ethical Hacking

Web Developer

Web developers usually earn lower than other computer science jobs but if you are experienced and have strong knowledge of your domain average salary of web developers will be around $95,000 USD  which nearly equals the highest paid jobs, but the good experience and strong knowledge is a must.

Web developer work is usually divided into two parts front-end developer and who does the programming part and back-end developer who does all of the users interface part.

Back-end developers create the technical structure for websites and make sure that web pages are accessible and easily downloadable through a variety of browsers and interfaces.

Web Development
Web Development

Data Scientists

A data scientist is one of the most demanded jobs this year and it is also one of the highest-paid jobs this year. WONDER WHY?

It is because DATA in these days is the most important thing that needs to be successful on the Internet. For example, if you are providing services online, then you need to target the people who are searching or have the interest of the service you are providing. Here comes the need for DATA you will need the data these people, and that is the reason Google and Facebook are the most powerful companies in the world today because they have all the data of the world.

Data scientist earns a median annual salary of $95,260 USD and if you have experience of 5+ years then the pay will be around $128,750 USD.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is one of the most demanding fields of Artificial Intelligence. First-person who use the word Machine Learning was Arthur Samuel, who developed the first computer programs for playing checkers. In 1959, he described machine learning as a technology that gives ” computers the capability to learn without being programmed.

Nowadays machine learning has expanded a lot, although it is very demanding and wast field but this field mostly depends on Data Because the algorithms used to train computers to need some data and output results from the past to be trained and make decisions for the future. But despite this still Machine learning Engineers earn more than Data scientists and their average salary according to Payscale is 111,297$ USD.  

Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence
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