Harassment in educational institutes of the world

Harassment in educational institutes.

When you hear the word “Harassment” a very disgusting feeling crosses your body like someone is wrenching you to the core. Whether it is done verbally or by touch, it does not give good feeling at all. Not only girls but boys also suffer it at many stages of their lives.

.Most commonly, when a girl or boy hits puberty, they start noticing good or bad touch or in what context people are passing comments on them if you are walking down the street or you are in a classroom. Even some people are not even safe in their homes. People who are going through mental and physical trauma every day.

So it is becoming a huge problem but now when the whole world is modernizing and everything is crystal clear I am finding this audacity to talk on this topic.

Things that were really behind the curtain is now becoming transparent and those horrible animals who find the golden chances to harass and make girls or boys uncomfortable by touching them or saying inappropriate words or even passing comments are out now.

Whether a person is studying in high school, walking on the street, or at the workplace 10 out of 100 people may be suffering from it and the ones who are wrongdoers enjoy their fear, makes them uncomfortable, and satisfy their evil soul.

Now, these bold children don’t let their dignity to be tramped. There are a lot of students in different colleges and universities who are coming out and complain about the ill behaviors of these animals.

There are thousands and thousands of cases that have been reported for harassment in different educational institutes of the world. Even in different educational institutes poles were created if they are suffering from any sexual harassment and surprisingly 80% of boys and girls voted “YES”.

This shows that our community is becoming so frustrated that they can’t bear little angels and destroys their peace.

Harassment in educational institutes:

What’s the result of this harassment?

When a person is harassed, again and again, he/she indulges themselves in suicidal thoughts, anger builds into them, they become frustrated that either result in self-harm or they goes into depression.

But now tables are turning and they are clapping back with more power in the face of the harasser. Now children’s education is also done so they don’t let anyone touch them and report the authorities as soon as possible.

Things got better when people raise their voices against cases whether it is the Nirbaya case from India or Zainab case from Pakistan when voices are raised on the International level that makes difference in common people’s lives and reduces their difficulties to some extent. Different laws are made on such sensitive issues that ease the life of every individual by now.

 Cases in different areas of the world:

You name the place where sexual harassment is not there. Some people say it others wish to stay quiet. Whether it is Europe, America, Africa, or the middle east it is common in every aspect of the world.

But it is more common in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan where women are unnecessarily objectified.

Now the case is here that a famous school in Pakistan named LGS, their students allegedly accused some of their teacher for their inappropriate behaviours and harassing them. After this number of students of the school came forward and raised their voice against the harassment they suffered by their teachers. When news came in social media, the school decided to terminate those teachers from their jobs and that’s what should be done to save the innocent souls from monsters.

In a lot of cases, students decide to stay quiet and leave their fate to the situation for the sake of their family and society and ends up in severe mental and physical health deterioration while others come forward and speak their words aloud.

I went through a research which says that,

“A study in Kenya shows that the females who experienced sexual harassment developed a Janice Joseph 136 careless attitude in class and no longer took their work seriously and became undisciplined.”

Who is responsible?

From my point of view, problem is at both ends.I’ll explain how?

Talking about the victim’s side that is either boy or a girl, they act so victimized and traumatized that they don’t find the courage to clap back to the ones who make them feel at their worst and this is common all around the world.

So a person should feel confident enough and make their personality so strong that no one dares to do such ill manners or talk shit about any person.

Harassment in educational institutes of the world

And the main problem lies in the harasser who looks for the opportunity to make another person uncomfortable or take their advantage making them feel weak and horrible. The problem lies in their empty box that is lying up there full of frustration and evil thoughts. Not even teenagers, some old people do it and I do not know what compels them to do it.

Their mental health is at their worst and they need a lot of counseling to come out of this evil zone. But some find the right way ever.


Whether you are a girl or a boy if someone teases you or harasses you and makes you feel terrible, stand for yourself and stand for your community.become a role model for them who do not speak a word.

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