3 Factors affecting online education during this pandemic in Pakistan and how can we solve them?

Factors affecting online education

Pakistan is a third world country that is fighting hard to stop the spread of the coronavirus, where there is no food for the poor, where there are poor networking systems, you can’t even consider taking online classes during this hard time.

Not everyone here has the same set of facilities available.

People being stressed out about meeting their basic needs,  this lockdown and corona thing is overburdening them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

There is a long list of reasons why online classes should be held neither in Pakistan nor in other South Asian countries but few of them are explained below.

Factors affecting online education

Internet issues

The country where there is no availability of networks in certain areas where you have to find a specific point to contact or call someone, how they could find internet facility (3G/4G) there, how can we even think of online education and students who are living in those places are in absolute pain and depression.

So, these technical difficulties make the situation worse.

When you pay a huge bundle of fees, you should be offered facilities in return and have some standard level of education but in no vain. So this thing directly or indirectly is affecting students in an egregious manner.

This is not student’s fault, it is not their responsibility either.

 The situation in which they can not move out of their homes, how can they find an internet or network facility?

Financial issues

When you give a huge sack of money to college and universities for giving us quality education . You are expecting it to have certain level of standard one , rather it turns out to be a virtual system which not anyone of is fond of.

Talking about the financial issues, students have to pay extra money for internet packages which further burdens the parents, and those who are already studying on scholarships can not afford that.

Keep in mind that those parents who are jobless nowadays because of COVID-19 pandemic how are they going to tackle this situation?

 I am sure many of the students had to buy smart phones and laptops to attend these classes.

Moreover, when you are copying western methods of education that is a Virtual learning system, you should know that it is less significant and has fees half or even more less as compared to what you had already paid.

Factors affecting online education

Lack of interest

About 90% of the students were not for this online culture of education here in Pakistan because of a lack of interest, poor internet connection, or lack of network services. Furthermore, teachers were also not ready for that.

If you ask any student about their understanding level of online classes, you’ll get the answer I do not understand anything.

Most of the students during online classes are doing their chores because they have got no interest in the studies anymore, some are sleeping and others are just listening.

There is a very minimal number of students that enjoy them.

This is because students never had any encounter with an online or virtual system of education and when suddenly you impose it on them they will stress out and this all is a waste of time.


When there is a problem, there is a solution. There are thousands and thousands of students who are suffering from anxiety and depression because of their education and combating this situation is a big deal for them.

Counsel the students

First thing, counsel the students about the current situation and motivate them to take these online classes seriously.

Taking assignments and quizzes one after another and imposing this virtual drama on them is not a solution.

You have to deal with this matter professionally, guiding students to the right path. You have to make them see in the right direction, and make them realize the importance of a better future.

Reduce semester fees

Imagine if a person has 3-4 children, all studying in college and universities, how they are going to submit the fee that a given institute is demanding.

Daily internet packages that are not affordable at all that further worsens the situation.

And we all know that virtual learning systems are much cheaper.

So now it is the responsibility of the government to reduce fees for colleges and universities.

Proper training

It is necessary to have proper training sessions for the teachers. This will help them to properly understand the situation of students and their condition nowadays.

Further on how to properly deliver the lecture online. They should be clear about the lecture first, develop confidence in them, and then they will be able to satisfy the students.


Attending online classes is not an easy task to do. Some of us are really suffering and these problems need to be cleared as soon as possible. Only that way we can make the situation suffer less.

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  1. Agree, online learning is really not easy. There are a lot of factors to be addressed. Due to the pandemic, most schools plan to go online to prevent further lossess in learning, but sadly, this move will most likely widen educational gap if other problems are not resolved first.

  2. This is a very good research not applicable to Pakistan only but other developing countries. Even to some developed countries.

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