Why you should wake up at 5 am

“Legends either wake up at 5 am or they going to sleep at 5 am”

Yes, that’s right and I am not talking about people who are partying and who live for the weekends I am talking about the one percent who give up the parties and work hard and all the weekend to make their dreams come true. I am talking about success hunters, dream hunters who don’t live for the weekends who work live slaves so they can spend the rest of their life to live like a king.

Waking up early is hard but you all must have heard and known that there is no gain without, waking up early can be difficult for most of the people but it also has a lot of benefits to human body both mental and physical also it is the most basic and first step in life to get you on the success path.

If you have a dream and passion for something and you want to achieve it you must have to start waking up early because most successful people in the world have the habit of waking up early or they go to sleep at in the morning because they work all the night to hunt their goals.

I have gathered a few benefits of waking up at 5 am just to give you people an idea that how it can help you grow in life.

wake up at 5 am, No Distractions, No Yelling kids, No phone calls

As most of us people are who are not successful or in the downfall period of their life most of them live in the rush or populated areas, where they cannot find peace or they are unable to focus on their work or side hustle because they live with a lot of people and do not have their separate space or house or room where they can easily focus on their work.

5 am is the time when most of the people are sleeping, places are quiet and peaceful, and roads are empty, women and children in the house are sleeping, that why it is easy to focus on your work, whatever you want to do there will be no interruptions, no noise, no phone calls or notifications will be there to distract you so it will be easy and productive for you to work on your dreams without any distraction.

wake up at 5 am
Phone Distraction
wake up at 5 am, No Yelling
wake up at 5 am

 Extra hours per, per week and extra days per year

I have heard a lot of the people complaining that they don’t have enough time to work on their passion, dream, or to run a side hustle. Because they live with their family or they have responsibilities, paying rent, bills or have to cover their expenses and for that, they are doing a job to earn money to make living so they don’t get much time to work on their passion or side hustle or any skill that they want to learn, listen to me these are just excuses, it’s just bullshit.

If you are really willing to be successful and win in life start waking up early because waking up at 5 am will give at least two extra hours in your daily life it means you will 728 extra hours in your week and 30 days in a year to work on your dream to achieve your goal and get shit done.

Why you should wake up at 5 am

Secret to success by most successful people

Every one of you must wonder how these successful people keep them active and fresh looking the whole day, what is the secret behind it. So waking up early is one of the secret keys that these successful people use in their life. Every successful people that you know ask him when did you wake up in the morning or what is the reason that keeps you active the whole day, you will get the only one answer that they wake up early in the morning before the dawn.

Less procrastinating and more motivation

Waking up early also helps you procrastinate less which is also one of the reasons to keep yourself motivated the whole day because waking up before dawn will keep your mind fresh and eliminates the negative thoughts and waves around you, you will be hungry to hunt for your goals and ambitions. That is also the one reason that those people who wake up early in the morning are less likely to be unhappy or sad or unmotivated they look happy most of the time.

Best time to exercise and build discipline

People who love to keep their body in shape and discipline, waking up before dawn also give you the most amazing time to do the exercise, the air is fresh, less pollution and noise it is the best time to do the exercise, that is why most of the fitness gurus recommend to exercise in the early morning hours plus waking up early on time will keep you disciplined your whole day you will reach your office or work on time.

Mental edge and Build momentum for day ahead

As I said above that waking up early will keep your mind fresh and body healthy, it means that you will also have a mental edge over the people around you at your workplace or in your life. Your active mind will keep motivated you will work hard and better than other people. It will also build momentum for the whole day, your energy your power, and strength will be better and it will give you an edge to overcome your competitors and make you win in life.

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