Slouched posture also called a relaxed or swayback posture. In this type of posture, there is increased lordosis in the lower lumbar region, there is increased kyphosis in the thoracic region and a forward head.

This type or any abnormal posture affects not only one but whole biomechanics of the body leading to lot of different medical conditions.

This may include muscle impairments in almost all main muscles that include abdominals, intercostals hip extensors, lumbar extensors, and many more. In turn, their muscle performance is affected due to the stretching of weak muscles.


  • It can be caused by a number of reasons which may include:
  • A person feels relaxed in the slouched position.
  • He or she has fatigue.
  • There is any abnormality in the muscle that is a weakness which may be the result of abnormal posture for a prolonged period of time.
  • So as a result of this, muscles do not provide support and only passive structures such as ligaments and tendons support it at the end of the range.
  • This results in intense pain in the neck and back region and the person gives up suffering this pain.


  • Generally, postural corrections are done through:
  • Postural alignments, balance, and gait
  • Through joint mobility and flexibility of muscles
  • By muscle strengthening and endurance exercises
  • By adjusting ergonomics
  • Correcting biomechanics


Traditionally this thing takes a lot of time to be prepared and then ready to use by the affected person but now with evolution different posture correction equipments is available in the market that helps a lot with less time and less expenditure. It not only corrects your posture but also relieves backaches and other spine issues. It is built in such a way that you can adjust it according to your body and if you are a computer user, it is a must-have for you. After using it, you will find a clear difference in your posture, biomechanics, and fatigue

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