5 Best Ways to combat depression during Coronavirus lockdown

Let’s combat depression during Coronavirus lockdown…

The name Coronavirus is scaring us for long. Even we don’t want to take its name from now. This severe pandemic has affected the mental health of most of us leaving us frustrated and depressed.

So we all have been in depression at present because of coronavirus lock down and our routines are badly disturbed. Some of us have severely disturbed sleep schedule, others are in stress because of their education issues while some are in the lethargic states to the extent that we are not able to do our own activities as we are going to have the same routine every single day.

We are all on the same page here suffering from even months by now.


As this COVID-19 has done extremely wrong with our lives, I have made some solutions that can help you guys to combat this ugly and scary condition.

5 Best Ways to combat depression during Coronavirus lockdown

Here are some tips which you can use to overcome this pandemic situation and become happy spreading positive energy in your surrounding. Excited right..!!!

So let’s get started.


Food is one of the main cause of happiness for most of us. Cooking can be used as a tool now to tackle this pandemic situation.

You can try new recipes and even you can learn cooking if you don’t know any. It is a good exercise of the brain and keeps it active and ultimately yourself will stay active. So try it now.!!

 Studies show that cooking and eating food release most of your stress. It distracts you away from the negative vibes and stressful situation.


As we all know books are our best companions, our secret friends. So reading books that give us positive vibes, that energizes us can be used as the main gadget in this lockdown.
But wait..!!
Read those books that make you happy, that has positivity in it. It will soothe your mind, relaxes it, regulates your sleep cycle, and keeps your brain active.

Some books that I would suggest are Poor Dad Rich Dad, Al-Chemist, Power of positive thinking, RUMIForty rules of love, and many more.
So don’t waste your time, take out your favorite books that you are interested in, and start reading it.


Third and the most important factor to stay positive and healthy during this pandemic is to stay physically active.
You can stay active by doing very small activities such as doing your own chores, help others in their work.
Very easy exercises can be performed that take only 5-10 minutes of your whole day. These can be very light aerobic exercises, some stretching, minor resistance exercises. It not only relaxes your body but also keeps you active.

It is one of the key elements that can help you out. To motivate yourself and try some of these because physical activity takes away all the boredom leaving you healthy and active.
I’ve tried it and trust me it did wonders. Try it out and let me know in the comment section below.

Learn skills online

Learning is an important part of our lives and we learn new things every day.
One should be productive and use the available time effectively so when this lockdown is over you have some skill in your hands. The gain is worth waiting for.
You can learn anything if you have some sort of interest in it. So don’t waste your time and start learning, it can be graphic designing, sketching, digital marketing, calligraphy, freelancing, and whatnot.
So don’t frustrate and avail this golden opportunity in learning, trying out new things, and enjoying this time.

Family time

The lockdown has done only one thing in our favor. That is we all are socially isolated, away from our jobs, schools, colleges, and workplaces. We can have a family thing together that was missing for a longer time. So guys, do not go out and don’t put yourself and your family’s health in danger.

 Another opportunity is to give your parents, your siblings some quality time, some healthy discussions, it can relieve your stress by 90%. 

Of course no one can take the place of our family so in this social isolation period you have so much of your time for knowing each other more deeply and understand others’ points of view. Most importantly serve your parents, you have the golden time to show your love to them. Show love to your siblings and tell your family how much they mean to you.

5 Best Ways to combat depression during Coronavirus lockdown
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