5 Best Workouts to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Workouts to stay fit, as this quarantine due to COVID-19 is getting on our nerves now leaving us frustrated and depressed. Our mental and physical health, both are affected badly avid this virus.

I am sure everyone of us has gained weight quite a lot in the course of lockdown as level of activity has decreased significantly.

We should know the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and a proper lifestyle for our physical fitness or else our whole body systems will be affected in no time.

5 Best Workouts to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Workout Tips

But there is nothing to worry about…!!

I will suggest you some of the best workout tips that will help you to encounter this tiredness and maintain a healthy weight.

Always start your exercise with a warm-up session as it prepares the body for a workout and there will be less muscle soreness after vigorous activity.

 So.Let’s get started.


Starting with the first one that is skipping. As you all know we can not go out to gyms for our workout sessions but we have to do it at home without equipment.

So all you need is a simple rope. Start jumping the rope as it is a very good exercise for our cardiac system.

During this particular exercise, you’ll feel raising heartbeat and body temperature. Your body will start sweating in a bit.

You can do 3 sets with 15 repetitions for each set.

It strengthens your heart ultimately leading to the strengthening of the heart and our body.

Further it helps a lot in the reduction of body weight.

workout to stay fit


The second one is Planks. Planks are considered one of the main exercises that help in strengthening the body’s core muscles and helps in losing weight particularly from the abdomen or belly region and you don’t need any equipment to perform it.

Do at least 3 sets and hold the position for 30 seconds for the required results.

There are different types of planks you can try. These can be Elbow planks or low planks, high or standard planks, knee planks or side planks.

 Elbow planks are considered the most harder ones so you can start from standard planks to prevent injury to your core muscles.

Remember you have to contract you deep muscles otherwise it can cause injury.

High knees

We can call high knee as a jog in the place but you have to lift the knees slightly higher than normal.

This exercise is a vigorous activity of our cardiac system and our core muscles leading to their strengthening helps in losing weight or maintain your physical fitness.

Always start the exercise with a decreasing number of sets with a minimal number of 3. Once you have developed endurance for the particular number of sets you can increase them.

Perform each set for at least 30 seconds for the required result.

Do try it out and let me know in the comment section below.

Mountain climber

This is a very simple exercise yet very hard to perform it.

This is the incorporation of high planks with climbing together  known as mountain climber.

It involves the activation of your abs and core muscles thus strengthening it and shedding off the excess weight leaving you healthy and happy.

Question is , how you perform it?

Go in the high or standard plank position, and start moving your leg close to the elbow of the same side and vice versa.

Perform it for at least 30 seconds or 1 minute.

It needs a lot of courage and motivation to get up and perform these exercises.

So get up and start doing it.

Here is the illustration to teach you how you can perform it in ease.

5 Best Workouts to Stay Fit During Quarantine
Step of doing the Mountain climber exercise by a healthy woman.


Just as we have main courses in the food, when we talk about exercise or physical activity, crunches are included as a main course.

These are considered very important when we talk about losing weight especially the belly one.

Crunches involve our core muscles especially rectus abdominus activating them, strengthening them, shedding of the excess fats, and leaves us with beautiful abs.

Crunches are of many types these are simple crunches, sit-ups, Russian twists, bicycle crunch, and many more.

 These all involve the contraction of abs but remember, perform all of them very cautiously in order to prevent injury.

This is the reason why gym trainers include these in the training sessions as it appeals the physical appearance and increase the attraction level of a person.

One thing you should keep in mind, if you are not performing the crunches correctly, you’ll going to have severe pain in the neck region because in place of abs neck muscles try to lift the upper body causing neck spasm and severe pain.


In this hard time, when one feels even that lazy to get up and drink a glass of water it needs a lot of motivation and courage to do some physical activity.

I hope you like the above mentioned content and I pray that you will try these out. So step up the game and start it today .

It will not only bring back the positivity but also keep you active , motivated and in shape.

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