Suffering from a headache? Here is one the reason why and how you can cure it?

Suffering from a headache? Technologies have brought a lot of ease in our lives but it caused the immense mess to our health conditions. As time is passing by health problems are increasing day by day and it is more prevalent in computer and mobile users.

Headache is one of the most condition most of us has suffered and even suffering now.

Globally, around 40-45% of the population has endured this condition. Even children nowadays complain that they have a headache.

Headache is of many types. It can be migraine, cluster, tension types, and many others but these are main that many of us suffer.

Headache is caused by many conditions or we can say it is the result and illness but the cause I want to highlight here is discussed below.

Trigger points

Trigger points in our trapezius muscle mainly are responsible for a headache that mimics migraine-type headache that involves only one side of the head.

90% of headaches that are diagnosed as migraine are actually caused by trigger points in the traps muscle and causes radiating and current like pain when pressed.

Trigger points are small knots formed in fibers of our muscles. They are formed by excessive muscle use or overuse.

These are hyperirritable spots so when they and palpated they cause extreme shooting pain to the same side of the head or to the area followed by the nerve root.

 We can say when we repeatedly use a muscle, our muscle shrinks, or spasm occurs in it that leads to the creation of knots known as trigger points.

Main point is, why headache is caused by trigger points?

The nerves that are supplied to the muscle and wherever they supply cause referral pain. So this type of headache can also be caused by referred pain or cervicogenic headache. these are the type that is not originally headache but is referred from any other site causing severe pain.

Just like angina pain is referred to as the shoulder and arm region, there are many other structures like these that cause referral pain to different parts of the body.

Suffering from a headache? Here is one the reason why and how you can cure it?

How you assess?

So the question is, how you assess that headache is caused by trigger point?

Its very easy to find out if headache is caused by trigger point or there is some other reason.

All you have to do is to just palpate the neck side and shoulder region of the affected side and you will feel a big knot or small palpable structures beneath the skin.

When you have identified the point , just press it a bit , very gently.

This will cause a sharp, shooting, and radiating pain to the same side of the head and there will be a jumping sign because of pain that is the main characteristic of triggerpoint.

This thing will confirm that the headache is caused by the spasm or the trigger point.

How you treat the headache?

First of all if you are suffering from headache, just take some rest or go to sleep.

Stress is one of the main cause of it so stay tension free. It’s a pro tip.

But if it is because of trigger point or muscle spasm it won’t go away simply with have to follow certain directions what are:

1. First,  take a warm towel or hot pack to make that particular area relax a bit.

2. keep it for 5-10 minutes, this time is effective to relax a muscle and will return to its normal length to some extent.

3. Then do the cross friction massage. You can apply some topical analgesics like dowfen, voltral, or analgesic cream. Or you can apply any lubricant to avoid pain to a particular area.

4.Then palpate the trigger point and press it with your thumb for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

5. Keep pressing the area and symptoms of headache will be increased and then relieved gradually.

6. Stretch your neck side to side and your head will be relaxed like nothing happened.

This can be done at home but it is quite painful procedure to follow.

So it is better to consult a nearby physiotherapist that can do some painless procedures and your pain will be relieved instantly. These can be TENS, hot pack, dry or wet needling, or massages to cure it.

One important note here is do not perform it on heart patients, directly consult the doctor or physiotherapist.


Headache is caused by many reasons we just have to find out the root cause so it is better to consult a good physiotherapist of your area.

 It can be stress, tension , over usage of muscles , allergy and many others.

So one of the main causes that I have mentioned I trigger point that is about 90% of the time. You can cure it at home but the best advice is to consult the physiotherapist who will relieve your pain in minutes and your whole body will be relaxed. your pain will have vanished like anything.

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Suffering from a headache? Here is one the reason why and how you can cure it?
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