5 Best Exercises That reduces belly fat in Three Weeks

5 Best Exercises That reduces belly fat in Three Weeks

Here are the 5 best ways that reduce your belly fats faster in three weeks or less. Belly fat is one of the most common things most of us encounter in our lives. It is caused by a number of reasons that can range from any disorder to overeating and unhealthy diet. This unhealthy diet may include junk food such as burgers, pizzas, patties, steaks having a lot of cheese and oil in it. It leads to the building of fat layers and you become overweight.

Eating in limit is good but that should be a healthy food . Right.!

So for those who are becoming overweight or gaining weight because of overeating and wants to stay in shape. This post is for you.

Here I will discuss the top 5 and best exercises that target your belly muscles and help you to shed off the excess fats. And if you continue these plus controlling your diet your belly will get in, in days.

These 5 exercises are tried by me and it does not cause any harm if you do it in proper steps. Always start with a warm-up as it prepares your body for physical activity. For this, you can do skipping, walking, or whatever you are comfortable in.

You can do 3 sets with 15 repetitions for each set.

It strengthens your heart ultimately leading to the strengthening of the heart and your body.

Further it helps a lot in the reduction of body weight.

So ..!!

Lets jump in.


Walking is one of the main strategy for loosing whole body weight.

Always start off with slow walking with minimum time. Start increasing the speed and duration when endurance is developed.

The walk will help you in the warm-up that will decrease the chances of muscle injury and prepare the body for vigorous muscle activity. It has many effects on the body such as cardiovascular fitness, helps reducing weight, and keeps you active and whatnot.

Further, when some endurance is there, start brisk walking that causes more calories burning with fewer steps.

Do your walking sessions for minimum 15-30 minutes for effective results.


Crunches are one of the best exercises that target obliques that is our belly muscles. Crunches lead to the activation of oblique muscles, energy expenditure is done and that energy is coming from the burning of fatty tissues in the belly.

It has many variations like reverse crunch, bicycle crunch, and many more. Reverse crunch works better and is of high impact type.

All you have to do is, do this exercise one time with 4-5 repetitions and build it up until endurance is there.

Or you can do it two times a day if you find it convenient.


Plank is the best exercise for a full-body workout. And it can be modified in several ways to increase the work level at the abdomen that is the activation of obliques. The modification includes spiderman plank, mountain climber, and standard planks. It is better to do it on elbows as it causes more energy consumption that means more calories are burnt.

I advise you to always start any type of exercise in a low impact version, as high impact causes more muscle soreness and you will not be able to achieve the desired result.

So you have to hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds and its better for you if you can hold more.

4.High knees

We can call high knee as jog in the place but you have to lift the knees slightly higher than normal.

This exercise is a vigorous activity of our cardiac system and our core muscles leading to their strengthening helps in losing weight or maintain your physical fitness.

Always start the exercise with a decreasing number of sets with a minimal number of 3. Once you have developed endurance for the particular number of sets you can increase them.

Perform each set for at least 30 seconds for the required result.

Do try it out and let me know in the comment section below.

5. In and Outs:

It is also of the main exercises that activate the obliques when you do it correctly or else it will cause injury in back muscles.

In this simple in words and difficult to do exercise, you have to flex and extend your legs with the help of abdominal muscles and hence leads to more burning of calories.

You just have to hold it for 30-50 seconds and increase the duration when there is sufficient endurance.

This exercise will play a huge role in your fat reducing goal and you can also incorporate it in your basic workout routine.

5 Best Exercises That reduces belly fat in Three Weeks


So if you are gaining weight or you want belly fat reduction, the above-mentioned exercises will help you a lot if you want to do it with full passion. Further, you don’t need any physical equipment to perform these out and it gets a lot easier to work out. You will start getting results within days if you do them correctly. So it is never too late to start it. And do all this with a controlled diet otherwise all will go in vain.

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